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Plastic free packaging has arrived

We’re doing everything we can to protect our planet.

Winny’s Kitchen is now proud to be 99.93% plastic free.

Sustainability and caring for the environment is at the heart of what we do. When we calculated that we used to be responsible for a quarter ton of plastic going to landfill each month, we knew something had to change….

Our Innovative Solution

We teamed up with The University of Birmingham, ARLI project and found an incredible alternative packaging that out performs plastic in every way. Our new containers are made from sugar cane pulp, a byproduct from the production of raw sugar. The pulp is dried and woven into fibres to create a robust, non-brittle, microwave, oven and freezer safe alternative to conventional plastic containers.

What about the other 0.07%?

We haven’t yet found a suitable alternative to our tape, but we’re working on making this paper based too.

How do I recycle the packaging?

Our box and sleeve are 100% recyclable.

Our tray, once used, is fully home compostable.

It can be added to your compost heap or food waste bin. If the lid is completely clean after being reheated, it can be recycled conventionally too, but please do not put any dirty packaging in your recycling bin or it could contaminate your other recycling.

Thank You.

With all your help and continued support our food and packaging is able to get better and better.