Our Family

We're here to share Caribbean flavours & family recipes
that we love with the rest of Britain and beyond.


Everyone's second mum.

Winny is a bold, strong and inspiring woman. An entrepreneur, a mother, and above all else, a feeder. Winny believes that family and good food are the cornerstones of “the good life”.

Winny was born in the UK, but moved back to Jamaica when she was 5 years old. Spending her childhood and teenage years on a farm in St Anne, she began to nurture an intimate connection with Caribbean cooking. Back in England, she found her food was the talk of the town as soon as she started sending her son Shaun off to work with her delicious Caribbean homemade packed lunches, with people starting to queue round the block to get a taste. With a flare for flavour, whether delicately balancing spice or ramping up the heat, Winny has always worked tirelessly to make sure that all the food that comes out of her kitchen is fresh, high quality and made with care.

In Winny’s kitchen, everyone is welcome and everyone gets a plate. She truly makes all of her food with heart and soul, so you can enjoy a taste of home, wherever you are.


The CEO with soul.

Shaun is a devoted and loving son who saw the potential in his mothers cooking. Shaun feels blessed to have been raised on balanced, nutritious and delicious caribbean food and quickly realised that there was a massive gap in the market in the UK. Shaun founded the company as “Winny’s Meals” in 2017. Three years later, Shaun took the company out of Winny’s kitchen and into its own premises in Birmingham – from where they extended the business and now deliver over 2000 meals a week to customers all over the UK.

Shaun is not only the CEO and director of Winny’s Kitchen, he’s also an author and founding member of Little Black Truth – a platform to educate and inspire positive change.


The secret ingredient behind our food.

She might be shy and unassuming, but her food is full of flavour.

Johari is our Head Chef and she brings a sense of joy into the kitchen every day. Born in Jamaica, Johari grew up watching her mother cook but also brings her own instincts and innovation to her recipes. Her whole life is dedicated to caribbean cooking and flavours, as she also helps part time in her mother’s caribbean restaurant.

Winny’s Jerk Sauce is based on her family recipe, passed down from generation to generation. Johari has adapted the sauce with her own distinctive palette to make it truly unique.